What ELCR Stands For

The Evangelical Lutheran Congregations of the Reformation is dedicated to clinging to the precious truths of the Holy Scriptures and having them purely taught to souls, by nature lost and condemned, to lead them to eternal salvation.

“God’s Word and Luther’s doctrine pure, shall to Eternity endure.”

Evangelical. Evangelical means ‘Gospel preaching’. Christ commanded His disciples, “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.” The Gospel is the good news of the Saviour Jesus, who has been sent into the world to pay for the sins of lost and condemned man-kind.

Lutheran. Luther restored the pure Word of God and especially the brilliant light of the Gospel, forgiveness of sins through Christ, to a church darkened by salvation through works. The ELCR clings to these same teachings of Luther, because it believes them to be the teachings of Scripture.

Congregations. The Lord has commanded Christians of the same belief and teaching to gather together in congregations, or local assemblies. They have the command to have the Word taught in its purity and the sacraments administered according to Christ’s institution in their midst. The ELCR congregations are dedicated to this purpose.

Of the
Reformation. The three great principles of the reformation were ‘Scripture Alone’, ‘Christ Alone’ and ‘Faith Alone’. Upon these principles the ELCR also is based. Where these principles are falsified or ignored, such a church has departed from the truth. Clinging to these ‘old-fashioned’ truths will lead to the Christian’s true hope – Eternal Life.