Doctrinal Articles

Below is a selection of articles in alphabetical order compiled by the ELCR. For more articles or information, feel free to contact the ELCR pastors.

The Doctrine of the Angels
by Pastor Stuart Wood
by Pastor Frederic G. Kleinig

The Sacrament of Baptism
by Pastor Theo. Reimers

Bible Interpretation
by V. E. Mennicke

The Inspiration and Inerrancy of Holy Scripture
by Pastor Frederic G. Kleinig

by Pastor Bryce L. Winter
by Pastor W. B. Uebergang
The Doctrine of Election
by Pastor Stuart Wood
The Doctrine of Saving Faith
by Pastor Stuart Wood
Differences Between Law and Gospel
by Pastor F.G. Kleinig

Law and Gospel
by Professor G. C. Koch

by Gavin L. Winter
The Doctrine of Offence
by Pastor W. H. Paech and Pastor G. O. Minge
by Dr. O. S. Nichterlein
Divine Providence
by Pastor E. Kriewaldt